Sweetwater Realty

Rules and Regulations


All Indiana Title 14 Boating Laws and Indiana Fishing Regulations are hereby adopted by the Cordry Sweetwater Conservancy District, unless a more stringent regulation is in effect through the final plan or resolutions to the rules and regulations of the District.  All shall be enforced, including the following exceptions and/or additions.

A freeholder may register only one (1) watercraft from each classification with the exception of classification No.5 (up to 3), but may have no more than four (4) watercraft per freehold.  A freehold is:

  1. one (1) or more persons holding identical title to one (1) or more tracts of land.
  2. one (1) or more adjacent tracts of land owned by one (1) person or in identical title.


  1. Power or Speed Boats – no longer that 19ft.  Any watercraft, other than a Pontoon Boat, with an engine over 30 horsepower.
  2. Pontoon Boats – no longer that 28ft., and no greater than 100 hp unless registered with the Conservancy before 4-1-2006.
  3. Fishing Boat – no longer than 19ft. A fishing boat with a motor of more that 30 horsepower purchased and continuously registered with the Conservancy office before March 31, 1990 will be registered as a fishing boat.  Fishing boats with motors greater than 30 horsepower purchased and registered after March 31, 1990, will be calssified as a power/speed boat.
  4. Personal Watercraft –  Jet Ski, Wave Runner, or other similar watercraft must be equipped with an operable device commonly known as a “kill switch”, designed to stop all mechanized functions when the operator is no longer in complete control of the watercraft.  Personal watercraft are prohibited, with the exception of those purchased and regitered with the Conservancy office before January 1, 1994.  Valid decals may be renewed for personal watercraft until 1) it is sold or traded 2) ownership is transferred in any manner (e.g. estate, will or operation of law) 3) it becomes inoperable 4) freeholder fails to maintain a current decal.  Decals will not be issued for replacement of personal watercraft.
  5. Paddle Boats, Canoes, Rowboats or Windsurfing Watercraft – non-motorized:  Proof of purchase on non-motorized watercraft will be the Affidavit.
  6. Sailboat – no longer than 17ft. with a mast, no matter what size the motor
  • No Houseboats of any size will be permitted.
  • No Airboats, Hovercraft or similar watercraft will be permitted.
  • No watercraft of any size with sleeping quarters, galleys, tiolets or cabins will be permitted.


  • Fishing with live minnows of species such as goldfish, carp or other predatory minnows is strictly prohibited.
  • No live minnows of any species may be released in the lakes.
  • All fish stocking will be done by the Cordry Sweetwater Conservancy District with Board approval.
  • Indiana State Conservation Laws pertaining to specie, season, size, bag, limit, ect. shall be strictly adhered to, unless otherwise posted by the Cordry Sweetwater Conservancy District.


  • There shall be no swimming, floating on rafts, manufactured water towing tubes, life preservers or other devices in the designated ski area, which is defined by the buoys.  The exception being downed skiers and water sled occupants, waiting to be picked up by their watercraft.
  • Swimmers shall remain within thirty (30) feet of the shoreline, except in prescribed beach area or within fifteen (15) feet of any watercraft moored in an idle or “no wake” zone.


  • Camping shall be permitted on private property only if the freeholder has available State approved sanitary facilities.
  • Camping permits shall be obtained from the Conservancy office prior to camping.  Permits will be issued for weekends or for other short periods of time, not to exceed 72 hours in any seven (7) day period and an annual vacation period not to exceed two (2) weeks providing the freeholder is in the residence for the applicable period of time.
  • At the end of the permit period, all camping equipment, trailers, campers, tents, ect., and all debris must be removed from the premises.  Violation of any camping permit shall be cause for refusal of future permits.

For a complete list of Rules and Regulations please stop by our office or the Conservancy Office during operation hours.